Horace & Herbert

The Boxing Hares

An illustration of two boxing hares

Room Description

Good morning boyo!  Please don’t think I am rude by calling you all boyo, it’s a valley thing you see.  Now I wouldn’t want you to get all confused as there are two so I will do the talking – that’s me Herbert.

Now my room here at the Elm tree is rather wonderful you see as when me and Horrace are staying we like to keep up our boxing so a nice big bed means plenty of space.  Plenty of room on the bed you see to create a boxing ring! The mattress is perfect to cushion our falls and we don’t up with any broken bones!
What a brilliant bathroom we have, with our own robes so we feel like we’re back on the ropes down Cardiff.  The boys downstairs have given up some luxurious toiletries..oh my they are good –  we smell blooming lovely!  After a right good scrub up Horrace and I sit and watch the rabbits playing you see whilst we recharge with a nice strong coffee from our very own Tassimo machine!

Now if you want to come away with the other half, well that’s fine as there’s a nice big bed. 
Now we are often out fighting in bouts so our room could be yours, just check with the boys and they will let you know.

The Details

Beds: King Size

Occupancy: 2

Views: Gardens

Rates From: £130 (including breakfast)

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An illustration of two boxing hares

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