Marley The Mallard

Your Comfortable, Cosy Nest

An illustration of a duck dressed in a suit

Room Description

Top of the mornin’ to ye all and welcome to The Elm Tree where I know for sure that you will have a good craic! When I am not out ducking and diving I like to rest me wings and get some much needed sleep under me 400 thread count sheets –  I tell ye its pure luxury and beats a nest anytime!

Now I like to keep me self looking in tip top condition so I managed to persuade the boys downstairs to get me some right lovely toiletries, proper high end quality and they bring me feathers up a treat and I smell amazing even if I say so me self.

Once buffed up and primed I set me self up with a nice cup of your English Tea, ye can’t beat it! All these miles flying I even allow me self the homemade cookie, well you would be a fool not to wouldn’t ye?

Now as you know us ducks are often out and about so I won’t be minding sharing me room with ye, but of course there will be a few notes to exchange first!

The Details

Beds: Double

Occupancy: 2

Views: Drive

Rates From: £120 (including breakfast)

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