Excitement? Nerves? These can contribute to a restless and uneasy sleep.  These are totally normal feelings when about to embark on one of the biggest days of your life! Trying to get a good night sleep the night before therefore is a must so that you can fully enjoy the day and importantly not be flagging towards the end of it!

Here are our top tips for making sure you have a nice restful sleep!

  1. Try and have a nice relaxing bath – if you are staying with us the night before your wedding then why not soak away those nerves with the complimentary bath soak.  The warm water helps to ease any tension and the fragrant aroma from the bath soaks help to wipe away those niggly worries. 
  2. Enjoy with friends and family – our venue has an amazing pub on the doorstep.  Although steeped in an American tradition the pre-wedding dinner the night before allows everyone to gather, in some cases meet for the first time, share a meal and a few drinks, and start the wedding celebration in the right way!
  3. Alcohol – as stated above a few drinks can certainly help with relaxing however try not to consume too much! There is nothing worse than having the aftereffects of the night before clouding your day!
  4. Fresh pair of pyjamas – when it comes to settling down into our luxurious beds change into a fresh, maybe new, pair of pyjamas! Maybe its just me but the fresh smell of clean bedding and new pjs always helps to lull me into a comfortable sleep. 
  5. Apps – there are numerous apps that have a sleep or calm function that can aid a good nights sleep.  Headspace is wonderful for creating what they call sleepcasts  –  an adult bedtime story in all essence – that helps to wind down the busy mind and then talks you through a peaceful, calming story that before long has you snoring away!
  6. To do list – although you have our very own wedding fairy on hand there maybe things that you remember you want to ask or check the next day.  Create a list, ping us a message, do a voice note  –  this way it is out of your head and hopefully not taking up the place for those peaceful dreams to kick in!

Most importantly remember that it is completely normal to feel anxious and excited! This is going to be a memorable and emotional day! Be kind to yourself and please remember to enjoy it!

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