Planners And Papers

We state in all your interaction with us that we are always accessible – whether this be via email, text, phone, carrier pigeon!  The planned meetings we have together though are your chance to share any ideas, concerns, to ask for help with suppliers and to get a full understanding of how your day is going to go. 

For you to get the most out of your wedding planning service it maybe useful for you to consider some of these points. 

  1. Have ideas – sometimes you don’t know what it is you want to achieve – and this is totally fine – the ideas tend to come from discussions and sharing of pictures of things that you might have seen.  Our top tip is often to start with what you do not like!  This way it narrows things down and we can better understand what it is you are trying to say.  For example, there are many different shades of the colour white – what hue are you going for? Is it crisp and clean? Or soft and muted? If you have thought about this before the meeting it just helps us to get an idea of where you are coming from. 
  2. Budgets – please do not be British about this – tell us how much you want to spend! We can then point you in the direction of people who are going to match your price point and therefore saves your disappointment if waiting to hear back from suppliers.  We work with an array of amazing suppliers within the industry and are confident that we can help you achieve what you want for the money you want to spend. 
  3. Moodboards /  Pinterst –  we are not asking you to become an interior designer but if there are any colour schemes, flower arrangements that you have seen – collate them into one place.  Pinterest can be useful for this and allows you to pin boards that you like! We LOVE to see your ideas come together!  From this it is a starting point – this can be built upon and as they say the meat added to the bones!
  4. Allow plenty of time – the meetings are usually an hour long so therefore please be aware that you will need this time to go through the check list that will have been sent out prior to your meeting. 
  5. Check list  –  with this in mind try to complete this before you have your meeting if at all possible.  There maybe some gaps but then this helps us to structure the rest of the meetings and identify any areas that you might need further assistance in. 

Always remember that this is your wedding, done your way! Use us – that is what we are here for!

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